Token bundler

Why not take all the loans at once?
Token Bundler is a tool intended to make borrowing on PWN even easier. Instead of taking multiple loans against multiple assets, you can bundle assets together and simply create one loan!
This tutorial will get you through the bundling of different assets into a single bundle that you can then use as collateral. We’ll also provide instructions on unpacking these bundles. For technical reference regarding Token Bundler, please see PWN’s developer documentation.

Bundling during the loan request process

You can select more than one asset as collateral during the loan request process. In case you're feeling unsure about any part of the loan request process, check out the video tutorial we made for this very purpose:
After you've selected each of the assets that you’d like to use as collateral, you’ll first need to approve them in order for the smart contract to interact with them. Once you’ve done so, you can proceed to creating your bundle by selecting the Bundle Collateral button.
Please be sure that you're bundling the correct assets! Once you're sure that you’re ready to continue, select the Bundle button to make an on-chain transaction bundling the assets. You can continue with your off-chain loan request creation once the blockchain has confirmed the transaction.
After you bundle your tokens, a single NFT that represents the bundle will be created.

Token Bundler used as an independent tool

If you want to create a bundle, head to the Tools selection and select Bundler. There, you'll be able to bundle assets together and unpack existing bundles. Since we want to bundle assets and create a new bundle, select Bundle Assets.
Here, you can select all the assets you want to bundle. Please make sure you've selected the right assets. After that, click Continue.
Double-check your selected assets and, when you’re ready, make the necessary approvals of the assets to the Token Bundler contract. After you approve each of the assets, you can create the bundle by making one final transaction.
And now, you're finished!
Just to make it extra clear: Using PWN, it’s possible to use your bundled NFT everywhere else in the ecosystem!


This part’s super straightforward: To unpack a bundle that you’ve created or received, select Bundler in the Tools section and select Unpack Bundle.
Choose the bundle that you want to unpack and select Continue. (Remember to double-check that you've selected the correct one.)
Unpacking the bundle is as easy as selecting the Unpack button and making one transaction in your wallet needed to unpack the bundle. The bundle will be unpacked as soon as the transaction gets confirmed on the blockchain.