PWN Bundler

The PWN bundler lets you use multiple assets as collateral. The PWN bundler allows you to mix ERC-20 and NFTs.

Create a bundle.

  1. Go to the borrow section.

  2. Tick the "select multiple assets" box.

  3. Pick the assets you want to bundle.

  4. Click "bundle and continue".

  5. Approve every asset (one transaction per asset/NFT collection).

  6. Click on "bundle collateral" and approve the transaction.

You'll receive a NFT representing your bundled assets. You can use it as collateral on PWN or transfer it.

⚠️ You can also create a bundle straight from the bundler page.

Unpack a bundle.

  1. Go to the bundler page.

  2. Select "Unpack Bundle".

  3. Choose the bundle you want to unpack and click the Unpack button.

  4. Approve the transaction.

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