Funding loans


Funding a loan on PWN is easy, predictable, and safe. As a lender, you're free to accept a borrower's terms or counter with your own.

To fund a loan:

  1. Go to the "lend" section

  2. Find a loan request you like (pay close attention to LTV and interestβ€”if it seems too good to be true, it probably is)

There are two way to fund a loan on PWN:

  • Instant funding

    • Approve asset to be lent

    • Approve the asset transfer

  • Loan offer

    1. Choose the lending terms you feel comfortable with (asset lent, LTV, APR, duration, offer expiration, etc.)

    2. Approve the asset to be lent

    3. Post offer

    4. Once your offer is accepted by a borrower, you'll be notified on the platform

⚠️ The asset to be lent will stay in your wallet while the offer is active. If you move or swap it, the offer will become invalid.

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