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What is PWN?

Welcome to the PWN documentation
PWN is a peer-to-peer lending protocol designed for long-term mortgage-like loans of digital assets, backed by other digital assets. Borrowers can receive a fixed-duration loan of fungible tokens backed by fungible or non-fungible tokens, while lenders can earn interest by granting these loans. The protocol is trustless, immutable, operates without the need for oracles, and without protocol-managed liquidations.
The PWN Protocol is currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Cronos and Mantle.

How do I get started with PWN?

The most convenient way to use the PWN protocol is via our custom PWN Platform.
See our video Guides for more information on how to use the platform.

How is the documentation organized?

Here is a high-level overview of our documentation so that you can find everything as quickly as possible.
  • FAQ - Have a look at the most asked questions we get.
  • Developer documentation - Inner workings of PWN protocol.
  • Guides - See how to use the PWN platform.
  • Governance - How does governance in PWN DAO work?
  • Use PWN - Try it out!
  • Community - Layer 0 and the most important part of anything is the community.
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