Welcome to PWN

PWN is a peer-to-peer permissionless lending protocol.

In the true spirit of DeFi composability, PWN users can borrow against—or lend using—any asset in their wallet (ERC-20, NFT, and even a bundle of both), while enjoying absolute flexibility on the loan terms (LTV, duration, APR, etc.).

The oracle-less nature of the protocol protects all PWN loans from price-based liquidations. The only way to lose collateral is to default on a loan.

PWN opens up new liquidity avenues, composability options, and leverage opportunities, while giving its users both optimized capital efficiency and predictability on both sides of the loan. A win on all fronts.

The PWN Protocol is currently deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, Binance Smart Chain, and Cronos.

How are the PWN docs organized?

  • FAQ: Find an answer to all the questions you might ask yourself about PWN.

  • Guides: Your step-by-step tutorials to get the best out of PWN.

  • PWN DAO: Learn more about the upcoming PWN DAO governance framework.

  • Developer documentation: Discover the inner workings of PWN protocol.

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