Making token and collection offers

You don't to have to wait for a loan request to be posted, and you can choose to proactively post offers on the collateral of your choice.

For ERC-20s: you'll simply have to pick the amount of collateral you're willing to lend against.

For NFTs: you can make an offer on a specific asset (low chances to be picked up) or a collection (higher chances of being accepted).

To post make an asset/collection offer:

  1. Search for the asset/collection you'd like to loan against:

    1. Via the dashboard

  2. Go to desired asset page and click "lend".

  3. Choose loan parameters (LTV, Interest, duration,...).

  4. Sign transaction to post offer.

  5. You'll be notified in the app once your loan offer has been accepted.

⚠️ Your loan offer can be cancelled at any time. Simply head to the lending section in your dashboard, find the offer you'd like to cancel and click "cancel".

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